Cairnbrae Realty strives to be at the leading edge of the retail property management industry by utilizing its retail development and property management experience, gained over the last decade. With a portfolio of retail centers that Cairnbrae owns and manages, we have the unique ability to draw from its own development experience to provide a higher level of services for commercial building management.

Although the goal of managing retail property is to increase property value and cash flow while maintaining a clean and safe retail center, our team of professionals recognize it is also necessary to provide the shopper with a quality shopping experience. We offer our clients flexible, customized plans that will ensure that we’ll maximize the highest potential of a Tulsa commercial property

A short list of the retail property management
services Cairnbrae Realty provides are:
  • Collect Rents
  • Pay Bills
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Create and Analyze Budgets
  • Reconcile Common Area Expenses and Pass Through
  • Administer Leases
  • Ensure Property Maintenance
  • Leasing
  • Develops lots

For convenient and professional property management in Tulsa OK, contact Cairnbrae Realty today at 918.445.2068. We will provide customized property management plans that suit your needs.